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Practice is what we do when we want to learn something well. We rehearse, we prepare, we study, and we train. All skill sets are approached this way and exercise is no different. Workouts are where we practice the skills of exercise. Mastering technique is the focus; the better you do it, the better it works. It helps to have a planned place and time to practice. Having a partner and using the mirrors can give you guidance and feedback on good form. Study well.

The Personal Training Show  with Jennifer Grantham,  Photo by Lawrence Lee Lane


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I’m making it simple to look, listen and learn about exercise with The Personal Training Show®; a physical education website using music videos to communicate research in exercise technique. Proper form is fascinating to our brains and the more times we see it, the better we learn it. Browse exercise content from the location of your choice and experience an artistic performance of essential exercises done well.