"How To Not Get Old" Published


Human health, aging, and longevity are socioeconomic issues at the very core of our existence. In a world where generational health deterioration is at an all-time projected high, prevention is pertinent. Our biggest worry as we watch loved ones grow old is their increasing frailty. I believe life doesn’t have to go that way. If the opposite of weak is strong, then the best way to stay independent is to learn strength exercises.

Why must we design exercise? Why must we think physical? Why must we create ourselves?

How To Not Get Old asks and answers these questions and more. The perception of aging is often associated with movement. How simple it is for each person to change their location; to walk, to run, to sit and to stand with ease. Health is personal. Aging is personal. Personal Training is personal. For those interested in the pursuit of healthy aging, use exercise as a tool to maintain your quality of life. This book is your guide. 

❤ Jennifer