A Bear's Life

A Bear's Life with The Sleepy Bear Club by Jennifer Grantham

With 24 hours in a day, how you use that time depends on which 'Bear' you are. Some need more sleep, others need more play. Using the principles of play well, nap well, determine how much time each Bear in your family needs for these activities on a daily basis. Plan well and use your 24 hours to create the perfect Bear's Life for you and your family!

Creating a routine for each Bear in your family will assure that basic needs are met, a rhythm of expectations is established, and each person can practice being themselves.

Start by listing what is important, and make a plan and a place to include it. #PlayWell ... when and where? #NapWell ... when and where?

Begin with the easiest needs first: Nap Time. When is it? Afternoon naps ... set a time and place. Bedtime ... when to be in bed and when to get up.

Create a calendar that all of your Bears have access to, be it digital and synced amongst devices, or a construction paper work of art on the fridge. Encourage each person to discover what works well for them. 

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, a little planning and practice go a long way. Believing the habits of childhood influence the choices of adulthood, inspire your Bears to play outside, eat nutritiously, and fall asleep by dreaming about their adventures.

❤️ Jennifer