There Are So Many Worlds To Explore

I was raised with the privilege of spending my youth in Bavaria, Germany in the tender care of Camp Lachenwald. As a young girl on a journey of self discovery, the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides provided the opportunity to explore worlds beyond my imagination with instant sisters from around the world. It was atop these mountains we became ourselves. For it was the songs along the trails, the stories around the camp fire, and the secrets under the stars where we embraced life and our place in it.

With a mission to protect and improve the world around us we, as sisters, chose the path of leadership, cherished the hope of wisdom, and challenged ourselves to grow courageous and strong. Few locations are at equal with Camp Lachenwald's effect on the role of women in the world. It's access to international attendees creates a global understanding of peace, fosters communication, and values the differences between us. It is this very diversity that is responsible for training young girls to emerge as leaders in their own life, and leaders in the world.

This video is in honor of those fellow happy campers who have had fun beneath the trees and filled their memory boxes with intangible relics of summers spent at Camp Lachenwald

❤ Jennifer

A personal video of me performing the Camp Lachenwald theme song