Being A Healthy Human

Knowledge is what you seek. Experience is the great teacher. Study well.

Creating and maintaining a healthy body is possible when you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, most people do not. Not only are we not taught how to exercise in school, most first time experiences with the weight room are physically and emotionally traumatizing.

Most children don't like to brush their teeth or take a bath, but when taught in a loving and fun way, they get over it and grow up to be hygienically aware adults. It is the same with strength training; consider it hygiene for your muscles and bones. It is a necessary part of the "complete breakfast" for being a fully functioning, healthy human.

A great teacher is key to learning any new skill, especially if it is a motor skill. The brain is a sensitive organ that requires all-level guidance. Masterful teachers are hard to find and they often are not located where you live; thus becomes the brilliance of the internet. Anyone who knows what they are doing has the ability to explain it in simple terms that everyone can understand. That is what you get with the new book, The Art Of Exercise by Lawrence Lee Lane. Masterful instruction for being a healthy human at the touch of your fingers.

The more you know, the better you will be at making wise decisions for yourself. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is confidence. Knowledge is success. Put The Art Of Exercise in your toolbox and learn how to love yourself and take care of yourself. 

❤ Jennifer