"The Art Of Exercise" Published

As a project enthusiast in an art-meets-athletics-meets-academics kind of way, reading this book gave me the insight and path to the ultimate project blend -- Me.

With the privilege of reading the manuscript and assisting in its publishing fruition, I have been able to practice the program and experience life on a new human scale. The most impactful chapter during my first read was 'Rigorous Honesty'...

"Health is honesty. You can never get what you want, until you truly want to help others get what they want. It is the greatest universal law of the physical world." Lawrence Lee Lane, The Art Of Exercise

This book is not your typical perspective on exercise; rather it is a complete message that begins within each of us and gives us the knowledge and wherewithal to choose, practice, and elevate ourselves into a new way of living. It will be the best book you buy this year.

❤ Jennifer