Review by The Nap Time Reviewer

Do you ever just sit and daydream about somewhere else you'd rather be? I do this constantly. I'm usually dreaming of vacation; the beach, the pool, warmer weather, no responsibilities (besides parenting)...

In Jennifer Grantham's latest children's book, The Sleepy Bear Club, children and adults alike are taught to dream and create their own world.

The sky is the limit in this story and I feel like I'm a daydreaming kid again when I read it with my daughter. Jennifer's writing style is easy to follow and flows just like a song.

The Sleepy Bear Club is completely black and white which helps your mind to wander to a different place. I feel like Jennifer left it black and white on purpose so kids could fill in the illustrations with the colors of their imagination. She truly encourages kids to believe that there are endless possibilities both in dreams and in real life.

This book is absolutely adorable and would make a great birthday or Christmas gift.