Fitness Empowers Women

An 80 Year Old's Perspective: Fitness Is It

Fitness is empowering for all females. For girls, for girlfriends, for women, for daughters, for mothers, for grandmothers.

A good body is a basic human right. Having access to a physical education around the world will define the cultural context in which we live. Exercise improves the quality of life and provides the physical capacity to navigate personal development. As we re-write the potential of our future on a daily basis, learning to manage ourselves well largely determines our success; as humans and as females.

Leadership in physical fitness, access to natural nutrition, and a social support structure representing a fitness paradigm are of equal importance for establishing and maintaining a global evolution of healthy living. As females, we are uniquely designed with intuitive and maternal instincts that enable us to be powerful catalysts of change.

Women should never apologize for putting their bodies, health, and fitness first. They should never regret it. We cannot care for others when we do not care for ourselves; and the world would benefit greatly from more women empowered by their own strength, confidence, and capacity to care.

❤ Jennifer