Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

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Follow Me On The Personal Training Show

A favorite lesson of mine is this: until value is assigned to the consequence, the consequence is inconsequential. What is life if it is not a value? What is death if it is not a consequence?

In order for us to become healthy, wealthy, and wise, we must first understand what each of those words mean. To define is to give value. To give value to them is to give value to their consequences. The result of a life lived with them, versus a life lived without them. Health is the condition of being free from disease, illness, or injury. Wealth is well-being or prosperity; abundance of valuable resources. Wise is having or showing good judgement, knowledge, and experience. So how do we become them?

First there is good judgement. The path to health and fitness depends entirely on your decision to want, to will, and to believe. You must first really want to be healthy. You must then be willing to do what is required to be healthy. And for success to be yours, you must believe in your own ability to be healthy. Choices matter. Choose wisely.

Second is knowledge. Learning is the beginning of health. Learn what is required to achieve fitness. Do your homework. The more you understand, the more confident you will be in your choices. Your behavior is a reflection of what you know and what you value. Look in the mirror. Like what you see.

Then there is experience. Practice what you know daily. Forget the numbers; your weight, your reps, your calories. Approach fitness as a lifestyle and practice your knowledge with skill. Let your experiences fuel your desire for consistency. Your body is your most valuable resource. Preserve it.

To become healthy and maintain your fitness you must establish a habit structure that contributes to your success. Creating an environment that lends itself to habit maintenance and choosing relationships that support your path are vital. Choose your friends, and your friends' habits, with care. Begin by developing the crucial habits of healthy people -- weight lifting, aerobic activity, avoiding sugar and alcohol, and getting eight hours of sleep nightly. 

Health really is wealth, and only the wise will live it.

❤ Jennifer