Manage Yourself Well

Quite often we live in a future state of mind; not giving full measure to the power of being in a present state of mind, and how that will in effect change the future. Our own frailty rarely occurs to us, as does the potential for avoiding the development of weakness by our own habits. Instead, we focus on the aftermath. What to do when damage control is the only option. 

Our cultural assumptions safely blind us from the reality they present. We mistakenly describe ourselves as not 'having' time instead of the more accurate 'making' time. And that has made its way into becoming an acceptable response as to why we do not take better care of ourselves. Socially accepted or not, it is wrong. We do have the time when we make the time. 

We must determine for ourselves what is important, and protect those choices with ownership and dignity. Our lives, our bodies, are our only tangible asset, and we are only given one. Self-neglect will become us if we do not make time for what we need to function. We cannot care for others when we do not care for ourselves and the end of our life will be burdensome for those we love and who love us. 

Weight lifting is a must, endurance is a must, nutrition is a must, and sleep is a must. Fitness is empowering at every age. Teach yourself, your children, your parents. As long as we are alive, we can exercise to improve. We re-write the potential of our future on a daily basis. Manage yourself well. You will never regret it.

❤ Jennifer