Feet are the foundation of your life. Think about it from a structural standpoint.

Try standing, walking, running, cycling, rowing, or climbing without them.  

Healthy feet are the hallmark of a healthy life. Proper leg muscle tone, good circulation and the fine motor control of flexing your toes are all necessary contributors. Fit feet are produced with strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises on a weekly basis. Don't skip them.

Be barefoot. Think about your feet when you do squats, deadlifts, leg press, calves... Explore how you use them when you walk and run. Give your toes frequent opportunity to explore the earth; grass, sand, dirt, mud, wood; etc.

They deserve a consumption lifestyle free from sugar, alcohol, and refined foods. Keep their pathways clog free and avoiding early deterioration. Treat your feet with love and kindness.

They will thank you by working well throughout your life. 

❤ Jennifer