Basic Training

Click the photo to learn more about my gym

Click the photo to learn more about my gym

I am a personal trainer and believe in a lifestyle of fitness.  That includes paying attention to the way we fuel our bodies, as well as how we train them and rest them.  I believe that exercise, diet, and sleep are simply the best methods to protect, preserve, and progress our bodies for our lifespan.  The solution for curing what ails us physically will always revolve around circulation, nutrition, and rest.

I have clients that range in age from 12 to 82.  It is fascinating to watch them improve their quality of life through exercise and nutrition!  I am fortunate enough to watch and listen to the benefits of strength training, aerobic conditioning, and eating well on a daily basis.  They come in with stories of how their life is better day after day after day.    

We are all aging at the exact same rate and we really do have a say in how we age.  I think it is important to consider how we function at 32, and imagine how we will function at 52 -- and at 82, etc.  There is no substitute for strength training.  One cannot consume structural fitness.  There is no magic pill or vitamin.  Drugs are not the answer.  As far as consumption is concerned, I eat mostly plants.  I avoid sugar and do not drink alcohol.

I believe in adult children helping their parents to develop their fitness so they can maintain their independence as long as possible.  The investment in personal training, gym memberships, natural groceries, etc. will always cost less than medical bills and assisted living in the future.

The best gift I could ever give to anyone is love and motivation to create a better life for themselves.  I serve to teach love and fitness as a trainer, in my videos and through what I write.  Every clip of what I do is my definition of leadership. I will show you the way.  You can always try it and see what happens.  

Believe in Yourself enough to take care of Yourself... and pass it on.  It is my desire to make the world a better place.  One workout at a time.  It is what I love -- because it works!

❤ Jennifer