An environmental designer who traded in a desk job for the gym, Jennifer brings the influence of planning and practice into fitness. She starts with habit structure. The project is life. Believing physical education is a path to human development, her work inspires children and adults alike to visualize their own world and physically earn their nap time.


My biography consists of play dates and projects, books and naps, art and activities, adventures and possibilities. It is with flourish and flair that I pursue living. I believe in creating a world where love, life, and laughter matter most.

I am a personal fitness trainer at GymStudio in Dallas, Tx and share my program online with The Personal Training Show. To know me is to know my content; buy my books, read my blog, watch my show, and follow me on Facebook. I am always available for new friends, so feel free to drop me a line. 

❤️ Jennifer Grantham

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