Everybody has a body. Love yours. That includes paying attention to the way you train your body, as well as how you fuel it and rest it. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are simply the best methods to preserve, protect, and progress a body for a lifespan.


The Sleepy Bear Club

What Do Sleepy Bears Know?

Ask any member of The Sleepy Bear Club® and they will tell you! Sleepy Bears know that fitness is an essential quality for developing a strong sense of self. They know being healthy is a habit and each person must earn it for themselves. 

Sleepy Bears understand that nap time is their friend. In fact, they own it! Like riding a bike is a skill, so is napping. The key to mastering the art of the nap is to improve at exercise! Play time is just as sacred as nap time and the relationship between the two is symbiotic. The better you exercise, the better you sleep; the better you sleep, the more energy you have to play. 

Sleepy Bears always have time for club meetings. (Also known as nap time.) They make time to do what is important to stay fit. They play outside, eat nutritiously, and fall asleep by dreaming about their adventures. Founded on the principles of play well, eat well, nap well, Sleepy Bears know the secret to life lies within earning nap time.


Club Principles

The World Of Jennifer Grantham - Running

Play Well

Earn Your Nap Time

Recess. Workout. Run around the block. Play time definition is up to you. Whether it is unstructured free play or organized exercise, find ways to develop strength, endurance, and flexibility. Climb a tree or lift weights. Run a trail or go for a swim. Touch your toes or reach for the sky. Be fun. Be free. Be fit.

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Eat Well

Practice Your Nutrition

Learn about food. Learn about your body. Research the human digestive system and discover how it works. Determine which foods are good for your family and work together to make them a priority. Help with the grocery shopping. Practice cooking. Eat soon after you play and understand how the quality of food impacts the quality of sleep.

The Sleepy Bear Club

Nap Well

Start Your Meeting

Have the designated President recite the club commencement. (see below) Then read your book of choice or describe your adventure of the day. Say, 'I Love You'. Rest your head, close your eyes, and daydream about your stories until you fall asleep.


Club Commencement

This meeting's called to order now here's what we're gonna do,
We'll rest our heads and close our eyes to take a little snooze.
I know our energy abounds so this is what we'll choose,
We'll let our brains create the play and dream of how we move.

The Sleepy Bear Club

Club Essentials


Club Life

A Bear's Life: Type A

A Bear's Life: Type B

With 24 hours in a day, how you use that time depends on which 'Bear' you are. Some need more sleep, others need more play. Using our principles of play well, eat well and nap well, determine how much time each Bear in your family needs for these activities on a daily basis. Plan well and use your 24 hours to create the perfect Bear's Life for you and your family!


Social Club

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, a little planning and practice go a long way. Believing the habits of childhood influence the choices of adulthood, inspire your Bears to play outside, eat nutritiously, and fall asleep by dreaming about their adventures. Social connections motivate, so add us to your newsfeed.