In a world where generational health deterioration is at an all-time projected high, prevention is pertinent. Our biggest worry as we watch loved ones grow old is their increasing frailty. We believe life doesn’t have to go that way. The best way to stay independent is to learn strength exercises. This book shows us how.

  How To Not Get Old  by Lawrence Lee Lane,  Published by Jennifer Grantham

How To Not Get Old by Lawrence Lee Lane, Published by Jennifer Grantham


How To Not Get Old

by Lawrence Lee Lane

This is a guidebook for personal physical education. These are the directions for an ageless human body. Not only is it possible to avoid looking and feeling old, it is simple to learn and master a how-to skill set for proper care and maintenance.

The Art Of Exercise

by Lawrence Lee Lane

This book serves as a declaration of exercise with the definition, purpose, and procedure always blended into each how-to sentence. A self-help introduction to the philosophy, psychology, and step-by-step instructions of exercise that produces results.

The Sleepy Bear Club

by Jennifer Grantham

From a secret cabin deep within a wondrous forest comes a meeting of imaginative proportions. Here you will find stories of a dreamworld inspired by adventures of the day. You will run across the mountains, chase the rivers, and experience the joy of freedom as you drift into a playful slumber.